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Linking 80,000 Trade Name chemicals to 18,000 chemical components; 133,000 synonyms…
Industrial Chemical Thesaurus, Fifth Edition-2009 (Electronic Version)
also known as The Thesaurus of Chemical Products
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Industrial Chemical Thesaurus

Compiled by Michael and Irene AshISBN-10: 193476406X; ISBN-13: 9781934764060; ISBN-10: 1934764078; ISBN-13: 9781934764077; ISBN-10: 1890595829; ISBN-13: 9781890595821; ISBN-10: 1890595837; ISBN-13: 9781890595838

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Previous Editions:
Originally "The Thesaurus of Chemical Products", Michael and Irene Ash, Chemical Publishing Inc., 1986
The last 2-Volume Book Version was done in 1992, by Michael and Irene Ash, for VCH (now Wiley) for North American distribution as "Industrial Chemical Thesaurus, 2nd Edition" and Edward Arnold (later Butterworth-Heinemann; now Elsevier) for rest of world distribution as "Thesaurus of Chemical Products, Second Edition". These are identical except for titles, ISBN's and imprint. Wiley reissued ISBN's sometime after they acquired VCH and now lists the publication date as 1996. The content in both versions is the same (from 1992).
Out-of-date/Out-of-Print (Book):

  1986 (
The Thesaurus of Chemical Products (Chemical Publishing ISBN 0-8206-0315-5; ISBN 0820603155))
  1986 (
The Thesaurus of Chemical Products (Edward Arnold ISBN 0-713-13603-0; ISBN 0713136030))
Out-of-date/still available (Book):
  1992 (Industrial Chemical Thesaurus, 2nd Edition (VCH: ISBN 1-56081-615-5; ISBN 1560816155; Wiley: ISBN 0-471-18893-X; ISBN 047118893X))
  1992 (
The Thesaurus of Chemical Products, 2nd Edition (Edward Arnold/Butterworth-Heinemann/Elsevier: ISBN 0-340-58302-9; ISBN 0340583029))
Out-of-date/Out-of-Print (Software):
  Industrial Chemical Thesaurus, Third Edition-2000 (ISBN 1-890595-22-5; ISBN 1890595225)
  Industrial Chemical Thesaurus, Fourth Edition-2004 (ISBN 1-890595-82-9; ISBN 1890595829)
Out-of-date/Out-of-Print (Five-Concurrent-User Software):
  Industrial Chemical Thesaurus, Third Edition-2000 (ISBN 1-890595-52-7; ISBN 1890595527)
  Industrial Chemical Thesaurus, Fourth Edition-2004 (ISBN 1-890595-83-7; ISBN 1890595837)
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Industrial Chemical Thesaurus will be of special interest to:
Chemists • Chemical Engineers • Chemical Formulators • Plant Managers • Government Regulators • Safety Officers • Market Researchers • Environmental Engineers • Patent & Trademark Specialists • Purchasing Agents • Chemical Brokers • Industrial & Technical Libraries • Consultants
Software Features:
  • 80,000 Trade Names  with Manufacturers
  • 18,000 Chemical Monographs with Manufacturers
  • 71,000 Generic Chemical and 62,000 Trade Name synonyms
  • 5,500 Chemical Manufacturers with detailed contact information
  • Web and Email access to Chemical Manufacturers
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About Industrial Chemical Thesaurus (aka The Thesaurus of Chemical Products)
As in the previous four editions, the Thesaurus serves as the most comprehensive source for linking trade name chemicals to generic chemicals and manufacturers. This resource contains over 80,000 trade name chemicals linked to more than 18,000 chemicals with contact information on more than 5,500 manufacturers that produce these chemicals under their trade name or generic names.

IIn the Fifth Edition of this unique reference, there are more than 133,000 chemical synonyms that are cross referenced back to the main chemical entries. The user is therefore able to find a chemical product by its chemical name, synonym, trade name, CAS number, or EINECS/ELINCS number. After locating the chemical, full chemical monographs of the chemical entry will be displayed including: CAS NUMBERS; EINECS/ELINCS numbers; FEMA numbers; UN numbers; Classification; Definition; Chemical synonyms; Trade names; Synonyms; Empirical formula; Molecular formula; Properties; Storage ; Toxicology; Precautions; Hazardous decomp. Products; NFPA ratings; Regulatory data; Uses; Use level; Manufacturers/; Distributors; Trade names equivalent to the chemical entry and trade names containing the chemical entry (trade name chemical blends).
PART I—Chemical to Trade Name Reference contains more than 18,000 generic chemical entries and 133,000 synonyms. Each entry contains information including the following categories:
    CAS Registry NUMBERS
All generic chemical synonyms and trade name synonyms are cross-referenced back to the main entry.
Software features: Full-text Search with Boolean operator support
Keyword Indexes: Comprehensive Index, Trade Name X-Ref, Chemical Monographs & Synonyms Dir., Manufacturers Dir., Manufacturers X-Ref, CAS X-Ref, EINECS/ELINCS X-Ref
Hyperlinking: All Manufacturers details in Part III, trade name entries in Part II, Manufacturer Web sites, all cross-references (synonyms) to monographs
PART II—Trade Name to Chemical Index is an alphabetized hyperlinked list of over 80,000 trade names contained in Part I. Each listing contains a manufacture's link, including Internet link, as well as links to all generic chemicals contained.
Software features: Full-text Search with Boolean operator support
Hyperlinking: All products back to Part I, Part III, and Manufacturer Web sites
PART III—Manufacturers Directory contains detailed contact information for the more than 5500 manufacturers of the trade name products and generic chemicals that are referenced in this source book. Wherever possible, telephone, telefax, toll-free numbers, Email and Internet addresses, and complete mailing addresses are included for each manufacturer.
Software features: Full-text Search with Boolean operator support
Keyword Indexes: Comprehensive Index, Manufacturers Dir., Manufacturers X-Ref., MFG Web&Email Directory
Hyperlinking: All cross-references (alternate names) to main entries, Manufacturer Web sites, Manufacturer Email
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